Father Carroll’s Transcripts

Father Carroll’s Transcripts Available to Download

Over the course of his career, Father Carroll gave many speeches to the Blinded Veterans Association (BVA). Below is a list of Father Carroll’s transcripts available for download.

Note: These speeches have been made available on our website for private use, if you wish to share them, please indicate that they were written and delivered by Rev. Thomas J. Carroll.

But now I do carry with me the fear — for I carry it because I know how easily human nature weakens — I know how strong the temptation becomes as the years of your blindness go on, and brave young ideals become jaded in the face of a sighted and often ignorant world — I know how strong the forces can be both from outside and from within which could cause you to give up on your ideals and your high goals. – Father Thomas Carroll, BVA speech, Boston 1960

To me, then, you are more than the Blinded Veterans Association. Representing, as solidly and as strongly as you do the men who lost their sight in the service of the United States, you represent America. And I like the representation that I see. I like it and I am proud of it. – Father Thomas Carroll, BVA speech, Columbus, 1963