Accessibility Services

Accessibility isn’t a fad—it’s the new standard.

We know accessibility at The Carroll Center for the Blind. With the goal of making the Internet, consumer products, websites, mobile devices and digital resources available to all persons, especially those with disabilities, the Accessibility Services team has become an established leader in the field. We deliver comprehensive accessibility solutions to organizations of all types and all industries. Be exemplary and a leader in your industry sector by showing consumers that your brand cares. Below is a list of the accessibility solutions we offer to support your goals:

Website WCAG Accessibility Evaluation

Web accessibility is more than just a buzzword. As your organization’s website, mobile applications and overall digital presence grow richer and more creative, they risk being less accessible to users with disabilities. With a Website WCAG Accessibility Evaluation we can provide your organization with the necessary information to achieve optimal accessibility to create and maintain an inclusive digital footprint.

A Website WCAG Accessibility Evaluation is an in-depth analysis of your website or mobile application performed by experienced web evaluators to measure compliance against Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 Guidelines.

By using a two-fold testing strategy that incorporates both automated and rigorous manual testing methods we will pinpoint all accessibility and usability concerns within your website and mobile applications. This will enable you to achieve a more accessible digital presence by implementing better accessibility practices.

Story of Success: KMA Architecture + Accessibility
“We recently worked with the Carroll Center on a website review for a municipal ADA Self Evaluation and Transition Plan project. Since websites are considered a program offered by municipalities, they are covered under the ADA’s Section 504 and Title II requirements. The Carroll Center was able to review a sampling of web pages to help give the municipality a general overview of their website accessibility. Given the current global pandemic and the resulting heavy use of online platforms for municipal communication, it is extremely important to ensure web pages are accessible and we consider websites a very high priority. The Carroll Center’s expertise in website analysis and reputation added so much value to the ADA Self Evaluation and Transition Plan project. They truly understand the nuances and level of detail important for a thorough website review. We look forward to doing more projects with the Carroll Center in the future.”

  • Kathryn Denis, Associate

Accessibility Consulting Services

Whether you are just beginning to design and build a new digital product or want someone to help teach your team members about digital accessibility requirements, our Accessibility Consulting team can design customized services to help you achieve your short- and long-term accessibility goals. Our knowledgeable and expert team can provide accessibility support from the design stage through the entire content development process to launch. We can even help improve your organization’s operational policies and procedures.

As these services are customized based upon your specific requests, please contact Accessibility Services Manager, Bruce Howell via email or by phone at (617) 969-6200, x210.

Story of Success: Wentworth Institute of Technology
“The Carroll Center for the Blind’s Accessibility Services team are wonderful partners in Wentworth Institute of Technology’s ongoing journey toward continuously improved digital accessibility. Bruce and his team are experts, helping us think through challenges, policies, governance, education, testing, and implementation of solutions that cross all aspects of digital accessibility.”

  • Bridget McNamee, Associate Director, Center for Wellness and Disability Services | Karmon Runquist, Director, Web and Digital Communications | Tes Zakrzewski, Learning Innovation & Technology Director


Instructional Accessibility Training

Content managers, web developers and critical communications positions can benefit from customized Instructional Accessibility Training. With in-person and remote instruction available, your staff will learn optimal accessibility and inclusive design strategies from our Accessibility experts through individualized seminars and webinars, workshops and on-site training sessions.

Help your team understand accessibility with personalized training. Having accessibility in mind before content is produced results in more effective design. For example, have you ever considered learning how to use screen reading software to perform internal user testing? We can teach you how! To find out more about the different ways we can partner with your team for various Instructional Accessibility Training projects, please contact us today.

Story of Success: Jackrabbit Design
“We had the pleasure of having the Accessibility Services team come to our office to teach a company-wide training session on web accessibility. As a website design firm, we have a responsibility to our clients to develop not only beautiful websites, but websites that are fully accessible to all of their customers, regardless of ability. With their thorough presentation and comprehensive review of some of our websites have led us to develop web accessibility standards that we now strive to adhere to for all of our digital projects. We have been able to apply the practical skills and knowledge we learned from Bruce and The Carroll Center for the Blind to our web projects to ensure that everyone has the same opportunities and access to the information they need.”

  • Lindsay DeGennaro, Senior Project Manager

Skilled Assistive Technology User Testing

You may think your product or content is ready to launch, but it’s important to make certain everyone can use them with ease before they go to market. With our Skilled Assistive Technology User Testing, we provide you with real-world experience and feedback from our team of blind and visually impaired Skilled Assistive Technology Users. They will interact with your product, website or mobile application to provide a detailed report that includes their findings; giving you a clear understanding of any challenges that a person with disabilities may encounter.

The Accessibility Services team can perform expert user testing to gauge how well your content or product functions for blind and low vision users, and consumers with other types of disabilities. Our testing can be performed remotely or on-site at the Carroll Center in our state-of-the-art testing facilities. Our experts can work with you to coordinate a solid user testing strategy to ensure your roll-out is a success and aligns as closely as possible to universal design and accessibility standards. Testing products such as software, applications, phones, televisions and other technological devices as early in the development stages as possible will ensure that your product can be used and enjoyed by everyone.

Story of Success: Rave Mobile Safety
“In our increasingly digital world, it’s imperative that technology companies ensure their solutions are accessible to everyone. That’s why we at Rave Mobile Safety have been working with the Carroll Center since 2013 to do all we can to make sure our lifesaving mobile and SaaS applications are accessible and easy-to-use for non-sighted users. Rave’s design, engineering, and QA teams treat accessibility as integral to our products, because true accessibility is key to good design, not an afterthought.”

  • Rand Refrigeri, Vice President, Design Strategy

PDF Remediation: Accessible Document Production

Like websites and mobile applications, your electronically available documents need to be fully accessible as well. To achieve WCAG 2.0 and PDF/UA standards, the Accessibility Services team can teach you to produce your own accessible documents, or we can handle those requirements for you in a cost-effective way.

If you are ready to provide accessible electronic documents to your stakeholders, we can work with you in two distinct ways. If you would like to learn to produce them yourself, we offer a choice of training opportunities, including several different training format options that are thoughtfully designed to help you meet your objectives.

Alternatively, we have partnered with an innovative US-based technology company that enables us to provide you with professional PDF remediation services. We can produce compliant, accessible, and usable documents that satisfy all WCAG and PDF/UA standards.  Through a combination of AI and manual procedures, this alternative solution offers you a cost-effective alternative to producing your own accessible documents.

Story of Success: Greater Boston Legal Services
“Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS) has worked with The Carroll Center to quickly remediate PDFs so that we can provide accessible “Know Your Rights” and other types of legal information to our client populations. The Carroll Center staff have been generous with their time and knowledge in educating GBLS staff about PDF remediation. As a result, we have been able to provide accessible documents about critical legal issues like unemployment benefits and housing rights to our client populations during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

  • Lizbeth Ginsburg, Senior Attorney, Welfare Law Unit

Usability Study Recruitment and Hosting

Blind and visually impaired consumers represent a unique market segment. We maintain a constantly updated list of blind and VI participants that want to be involved in your project. If you have a research study, user testing opportunity, or other project that requires capable participants, please contact us. We can provide all of the related optional screening, selecting, scheduling, and facility hosting services, too, as required.

Blind and VI consumers provide a unique perspective when you are developing products or services. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, we’ll make sure you get suitable candidates for a project or study. The Accessibility Services team can help you recruit blind and VI testers by providing access to our unique database. To learn more about how we can customize the recruitment to meet your specific needs, please contact us today.

Story of Success: Schepens Eye Research Institute of Massachusetts Eye and Ear

“Schepens Eye Research Institute of Massachusetts Eye and Ear has worked with The Carroll Center for the Blind to help identify and recruit suitable blind and visually impaired persons to participate in some of their research studies. By using the Carroll Center’s unique database of blind and visually impaired consumers, we’ve been able to enroll many suitable volunteers for studies evaluating new technologies to assist individuals with blindness or severe vision impairment.”

  • Alex Bowers, PhD, Department of Ophthalmology

Helpful Information

Who Should Contact our Accessibility Team?

Businesses, organizations and blind and visually impaired consumers. The Carroll Center for the Blind’s accessibility team specializes in creating accessible user interfaces and web experiences. Our consultants are available to provide information, analysis, and expert guidance in all areas of web accessibility such as on-site evaluation and testing, tailored site recommendations, and expert training, implementation, and ongoing support.