Assistive Technology Services for Children

What We Learn Becomes A Part of Who We Are.

Children with vision impairments can greatly benefit from low vision products, assistive technology and techniques to access school materials, the blackboard, and computers. However, finding the best solutions require an assessment by trained professionals and access to a wide variety of equipment.

Assistive Technology Assessment

During an Assistive Technology Assessment, our expert staff will work with your child to expose them to a variety of both high- and low-tech solutions for accessing a computer, printed material, and viewing a blackboard or other classroom materials for the demands of the school or home environment.

Assessments are conducted by Robert McGillivray, Certified Low Vision Therapist (CLVT). Assessments can be conducted at the Carroll Center for the Blind or at the school and will take approximately four (4) hours. Solutions considered may include: low vision magnifiers or software, speech output, digital audio recorders, scanners, Braille printers, talking books, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and other related technology.

About Bob McGillivray

As a CLVT, Bob focuses his time with the student on evaluating the effectiveness of low vision devices, techniques and technologies in supporting student needs, while also looking at the visual efficiency of the student while trialing various/differing devices. In the clinical setting at the Carroll Center, Bob is able to evaluate the student and demonstrate a multitude of devices and technologies he has on hand. When a student or family is interested in a specific device that is not regularly kept in the clinic, Bob is often able to borrow specific devices for trial during the assessment.

Assistive Technology Instruction

Once your child has the right devices, our expert instruction and extensive knowledge can get them up and running in no time. Our staff are available to provide individualized instruction to your child to develop the skills to independently use their devices and apply them successfully to meet the demands of school.