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The Carroll Center is committed to helping those with vision loss achieve the independence that having a job affords you. We understand the challenges a blind or visually impaired person faces when trying to find a job. Unemployment is one of the most profound issues facing individuals who are blind. We offer a variety of services to achieve the goal of employment. Whether you have a long work history or have never worked before, our staff can help you develop the adaptive skills needed to present yourself to employers and find satisfying work options. On-the-job internships are available in a wide variety of industries and businesses and provide the opportunity to develop skills and confidence while job searching.

Donna T.

“The Carroll Center has an amazing ability to fit a square blind person into the round peg of life with such dignity that it felt like that’s how it should be.”

Vision Use in Employment (VUE)

Vision Use in Employment (VUE), is a job retention program designed to assist clients who are having difficulties on the job as a result of deteriorating vision or changes in job responsibilities. Changes in one’s vision can result in frustration, a loss of confidence, and a reduction in work performance. New work tasks or access to changing technologies can be difficult for a person with vision problems.

A Functional Vocational Vision Assessment, conducted at the work site or on our campus by a rehabilitation engineer can help employees, employers, and those seeking employment, learn the full potential of one’s vision. Understanding the characteristics of the visual changes and learning to use low vision devices and techniques can improve the quality of one’s work performance. Areas assessed include:

  • Understanding functional implications of vision impairment
  • Work-site tasks, tools, and modifications
  • Exploring vision enhancement devices
  • Video magnification reading systems
  • Computer technology

To schedule an assessment, please contact admissions at (617) 969-6200, extension 216 or email info@carroll.org.

Job Market Preparation Program

This eight-week program provides the opportunity for adults to explore work experiences since losing their vision. On-the-job internships enable them to explore vocational interests and aptitudes. Job coaches work closely with clients as well as partnering businesses. Typically, students work three to four days a week at job sites to build confidence and capabilities. This is unpaid experience.

Screen Reader User Tester Training Program

During the seven-week Screen Reader User Tester Training Program, you’ll learn and grow your ability to professionally explore, test, and report findings regarding the accessibility of websites, mobile applications, and PDF documents. Builds upon skills to deepen your knowledge of devices, web browsers, applications, and strategies, focusing on using it to assess digital accessibility based upon the WCAG standards and requirements.

GED Preparation

The Carroll Center offers GED preparation for young adults during our 5-month Vocational & College Transition Program. Individuals will be prepared to take either the High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) or the General Educational Development (GED) tests. Individuals who do not have a high school diploma can receive intensive instruction during this program to prepare them to take the tests.

Passing these tests can equip you with the equivalent of a high school diploma. These tests are open to individuals 18 years or older who are not enrolled in high school. The nature of these tests is to require you to demonstrate applied knowledge and skills related to specific situations, not to test memorization of facts, dates, or terms. During the five month Vocational & College Transition program young adults will receive one to one test preparation instruction as well as independent living skills and community experiences to prepare them for work and college.

For more information about GED preparation as part of our programs, please contact admissions at (617) 969-6200, extension 216 or email info@carroll.org.

The Carroll Society Awards

The Carroll Society Awards recognize blind and visually impaired employees who have made significant contributions to their companies by their outstanding ability and job performance. Individuals are chosen because, despite vision loss, they are exemplary employees and contribute to the overall culture of both their business and community.

These awards serve as a platform to raise awareness about the importance of having an inclusive work environment. By emphasizing the competence, achievement and job diversity of the award winners, the campaign conveys a positive impression on the attitudinal barriers that often confront persons who are blind or visually impaired seeking employment or job advancement.



Who do you know who deserves to be nominated this year? If you know of a blind or visually impaired person who demonstrates the highest degree of excellence as an employee or is successfully self-employed, we invite you to nominate him/her to be recognized through the Carroll Society Awards.

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Please use the following guidelines when considering a nomination.
Note: Employees of The Carroll Center for the Blind or the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind are not eligible for nomination.


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