CarrollKids Summer Program

When School’s Out, The Fun Begins!

The Carroll Center for the Blind offers specialized summer youth programs for children ages 8-13 who are blind and visually impaired. Students are empowered to develop independence socially, academically, and personally during the summer. Children who bring their energy, enthusiasm, and willingness to engage and learn will master skills and create memories that last a lifetime!

The changes we have seen in our daughter since she has been attending the CarrollKids program are amazing. I had hoped that her confidence would increase but this is beyond my dreams. She is a different child than she was the first day. She has become the daughter I used to know.


CarrollKids, a one-week program for elementary school-age students, offers a unique summer experience of instruction and social activities to further develop students’ independence and skills outside of the classroom. Small group instruction time will increase independent learning and strengthen abilities in technology, braille, orientation & mobility, and communication skills.

All areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum are covered. Recreational and social activities provide important peer connections, increased self-awareness and confidence. To register your child, please contact Education Services at (617) 969-6200 ext. 204.