National and International Professional Development

Sharing our knowledge with others.

The Carroll Center for the Blind offers various trainings and events for professionals from around the globe to develop their skills in rehabilitation teaching techniques, access technology instructional programs and creating services and programs for all ages. An International training program can be individualized for those who are seeking to partake knowledge back to their agency or who need rehabilitation training for themselves.

Brian C.

“Her stay [at the Carroll Center] is as much about seeing how we teach as it is for her own benefit.”

Professional Development

Professionals should always be honing their craft. Gain knowledge and skills important to your position and job performance by discovering the various formal and informal events we offer throughout the year; including seminars, courses and conferences.

See our calendar of events for current professional development options.

International Training Program (ITP)

Professionals from other countries are invited to observe and learn about rehabilitation training in a campus– based setting through the Carroll Center’s International Training Program. Professionals are invited for 1 to 2-month programs of education and training. Professionals, typically teachers, administrators and policy-makers who attend the International Training Program will develop clinical training skills in O&M, communication, ADL or other skills under the supervision of a staff member of the Carroll Center as well visit other blindness agencies in the Boston area. We do not provide certification.

Who has attended the International Training Program?
Nearly 100 teachers and administrators have attended the International Training Program, representing 40 countries: Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bhutan, China, Croatia, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Latvia, Lesotho, Palestine, Papua, N.G., Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tanzania, Uganda, Uruguay, and Vietnam. Attendees must secure their own travel and Visa requirements and funding to participate.

For More Information
For further information contact Dina Rosenbaum via email.

Carroll Interns Program

The Carroll Interns program provides vital experience to graduate-level students studying in the field of vision education and allied professions. Carroll Interns provides key training and assists with the placement of vision educators whose ranks have declined even as the population of individuals who are blind or have low vision increases. Internships are available for the following professionals; Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments (TVIs), Orientation and Mobility Instructors (COMS), Vision Rehabilitation Teachers (VRT), and Social Workers.

Participants are equipped with the essential experience and knowledge to prepare them for community-based services. Interns will have access to the expertise of over 45 vision rehabilitation professionals employed by the Carroll Center, and will be supervised by staff based on their chosen areas of training. As part of the Carroll Interns program, the Carroll Center for the Blind offers college students the opportunity to participate in community and campus-based internships with our certified staff. Click here to read more about the creation of the Carroll Interns program.


Read What Former Carroll Interns Have to Say:
“The summer program truly allowed me to eat, sleep and breathe Orientation and Mobility services. I was able to start working with students as they woke in the morning and address functional skills throughout their daily routines and out into the community. I couldn’t imagine a better way to cement these skills into my repertoire. Every staff member I met was warm, supportive, and dedicated. The focus on our students as a whole person, capable of achieving functional independence, shines through the work of every COMS and TVI I have come into contact with through the Carroll Center.”

  • Brenda G-L., Former Summer O&M Intern


“During this summer I had the pleasure of watching a group of timid, shy and scared kids show up on our doorstep and through the careful planning and tremendous teamwork of the staff they left changed, for the better–forever. I watched confidence blossom, lifelong friendships being created, “can’ts” turn into “coulds,” and smiles appear on each and every face. I’d heard of The Carroll Center previously but just never grasped all of the dedication, hard work, passion and sacrifice everyone puts in at the center to create these life changing experiences for the children.”

  • Barbara S., Former Summer O&M Intern


For More Information
For further information, please contact Stephanie Chmielinski.