Carroll Center Leadership

Meet the dynamic team leading The Carroll Center for the Blind

To best serve the needs of the people we help, our leadership team embraces a broad collaborative spirit by joining together a distinct group of leaders, executives, advisers, visionaries and community members with widespread knowledge in human services, strategy, business, health care, public policy and advocacy.

Leadership Team

Head shot of Greg Donnelly.


President and CEO

Head shot of Dina Rosenbaum.


Chief Program Officer

Head shot of Edward Moller.


Chief Financial Officer

Head shot of Dara Dalmata, Chief Development and Communications Officer


Chief Development & Communications Officer

Head shot of Scott Hitchcock, Director of Strategic Initiatives.


Chief Operating Officer

A head shot of Human Resource Manager, Joanne Kennedy.


Director of Human Resources

Board of Directors

Carol A. Covell, R.N., M.S.

Chair, Board of Directors; Chair, Development Committee

Formerly, Chief Nursing Officer and Executive Vice President for Patient Services and Quality Care, Massachusetts Eye and Ear. Previous business owner, MicroEndo Technologies, Limited

Peter Chinetti

Chair, Finance Committee

Retired, Chief Financial Officer, Massachusetts Eye and Ear

Robb A. Suchecki, MBA

Board of Directors Member

Senior Vice President, Multinational Benefits & HR Consulting, Gallagher 


Board of Directors Member

Director, Mohs and Cutaneous Surgery, Massachusetts Eye and Ear

Bruce Howell

Board of Directors Member

Retired, Former Accessibility Manager, Carroll Center for the Blind

Umesh A. Kurpad

Board of Directors Member

Retired, Chief Financial Officer, Point32Health


Eileen Y. Lee Breger

Board of Directors Member

Attorney, Bowditch & Dewey LLP

Antoine Junior Melay, MBA

Board of Directors Member

Vice President, Client Relations for Workforce Development Training, Windwalker Group

Arthur O’Neill

Board of Directors Member

Retired, Vice President/Interim President, Carroll Center for the Blind

Robert Sanders, CFA, CPA, CTFA

Board of Directors Member

Senior Vice President, Woodstock

Taraneh Satvat

Board of Directors Member

President & CEO, MIS Technologies Corporation dba MIS Alliance

Kim Holloway, Ph.D.

Board of Directors Member

Vice Provost for Research Development, Northeastern University

John “Jay” Schwartz, Ph.D.

Board of Directors Member

CEO & President, AcuityBio Corporation


Board of Directors Member

Retired, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Environmental Health, Massachusetts Department of Public Health


Board of Directors Member

Retired, Vice President of Business Development and Relationship Management, Sleep Health Centers

Chris Andreoli, M.D., MBA

Board of Directors Member

Chief Executive Officer at Optum Massachusetts

Ambassador Council

Deborah Coogan

Ambassador Council

Anne Covert

Ambassador Council

Retired, IBREA Foundation

Paul Donahue, Sr.

Ambassador Council

Founder, Weston Associates

Sheila Dunn-McNeil

Ambassador Council

President, Golfers for Vision, Retired, Vice President Enterprise Sales, United Parcel Service

Lawrence Heimlich

Ambassador Council

Principal, Chiswick Services LLC

Thomas Hines, M.D.

Ambassador Council

Program Director, Family Medicine Residency Program, Boston Medical Center

Ryck Lent

Ambassador Council

Senior Strategist, Leader Networks

David McCarthy

Ambassador Council

Security Director, Information Technology Global Solutions Division, General Dynamics

Joanne McCarthy

Ambassador Council

Paul McMahon

Ambassador Council

Principal Consultant, MAM Communications

Janet Perry

Ambassador Council

Retired, Chief Human Resources Officer, Carroll Center for the Blind

Joe Prestejohn

Ambassador Council

Owner, Cabot’s Ice Cream & Restaurant

Joseph Rizzo, M.D.

Ambassador Council

Director, Neuro-Ophthalmology Service, Massachusetts Eye and Ear

Professor of Ophthalmology in the Field of Neuro-Ophthalmology, Harvard Medical School

Rachel Rosenbaum

Ambassador Council

Retired, Executive Director, Carroll Center for the Blind

Karen Ross, Ph.D.

Ambassador Council

former Director of Education Services (retired), Carroll Center for the Blind

Dean Vasile

Ambassador Council

Chairman Vending Facilities Program, Office of Rehabilitation Services Administration Hanscom United States Airforce