Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers play a crucial role at Carroll Center for the Blind. We welcome volunteers who would like to work directly with clients as well as those who prefer to help support our organization in other ways. Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age and will need to complete all required paperwork and tasks during volunteer onboarding (including background and reference check and orientation). We are asking volunteers to commit to at least four months of service.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of the opportunities listed below, please email a completed volunteer application form to Angelina Todaro (angelina.todaro@carroll.org). The volunteer application form can be accessed through the following link.

*If completing the application form electronically, please fill in all applicable fields, select print, and then choose “Save as PDF” to save your information in the document.

The Carroll Store

As a Carroll Store volunteer, you’ll wait on customers, fill orders, stock shelves, and organize exhibits.

Commitment required: weekday, 1 day a week, 3 hours minimum

Reception Desk

A Reception Desk volunteer is a great opportunity for those who enjoy meeting new people and socializing. We would like your help with greeting visitors and guests, answering the main phone on occasion, providing direction and supporting clients in their programs.

Commitment required: weekday, 1 day a week, 4 hours minimum

Operations / Administrative Support

Do you enjoy working on multiple projects at a time? Operations and Administrative Support volunteers have the opportunity to learn about the various departments in our organization and how they support each other. This role involves tasks related to supporting clients and unique projects that will allow for smooth operations.

Commitment required: weekday, 1 day a week, 4 hours minimum

Historical Data Cataloging / Recording

The Carroll Center for the Blind has deep historical roots and we would like your help preserving and reviving interesting records and stories. Historical Data Cataloging / Recording volunteers will scan and catalog old documents and photos dating back to when Father Carroll founded our organization.

Commitment required: weekday, 1 day a week, 2 hours minimum

Dining Hall

All clients’ meals are served daily in our dining hall. Dining Hall volunteers will serve as dining hall monitors, where their duties will include:

  • Assisting students in obtaining their meal trays.
  • Safely navigating the room.
  • Returning their trays to the serving area.

A mobility instructor will provide training on proper techniques for assisting. This position will be coupled with additional responsibilities after or before lunch/dinner is served.

Commitment required: weekday, 12:00 P.M. to 1:00 P.M. lunch service or 5:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. dinner service, 1 day a week, 2 hour minimum

Grounds or Maintenance

Corporate groups, college students and civic organizations are welcome to volunteer for a day or more to help improve the grounds of the campus, paint or do small repairs in our buildings.

Commitment required: weekday, 1 day event or more

Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant volunteers who have specific experience in teaching individuals who are blind, in braille, orientation and mobility, or assistive technology are invited to share their expertise.

Commitment required: weekday, 1 day a week, 3 hour minimum

Share your Talent!

Do you have a unique talent or skill you’d like to share with our clients? Do you play the guitar and are interested in performing in front of our clients? Do you enjoy doing arts and crafts and have a fun project you’d like to share with our clients?

Commitment required: 1 day a week, weekends are an option if you’re not available during the week

Sighted Guide Sailors (June through September 2022)

Enjoy free sailing while sharing your love of sailing with those who are blind or visually impaired! We are looking for Sighted Guide volunteers with sailing experience to help blind and visually impaired persons learn the sport of sailing. The Carroll Center runs a weekly, Saturday morning recreational sailing program, called SailBlind, at Community Boating Inc. in Boston. New Guides will be shown methods for guiding a blind sailor and must demonstrate adequate sailing skills. If you are interested in being a sighted guide, please email sailblind@carroll.org.

Walk for Independence Fundraising Event 2022

Each year, we look forward to our Walk for INDEPENDENCE event. This event raises funds and promotes awareness of our organization, which allows us to support our mission in helping clients achieve independence. This event typically takes place in the spring. Due to the pandemic, this event has been virtual in prior years. We are waiting to see what the pandemic climate will be like in the spring before determining whether this event will be in person or virtual. If you are interested in participating or volunteering for this event, please check back to this volunteer page in early spring of 2022 for more information.

Summer Youth Program Activities Assistant (July through August 2022)

Apply today to be a Summer Youth Program Activities Assistant volunteer to a Carroll Center student. Volunteers will participate in our summer youth programs with teenagers who are blind or visually impaired. Our summer students participate in various activities both on our Newton campus and on local outings. Some examples might include archery, arts and crafts, sports, music, water fun, cooking and so much more.

Commitment required: the duration of the summer program.

Please check back in the spring of 2022 to apply!

Two female volunteers glance down at a clipboard while helping with inventory in The Carroll Store.
A male volunteer smiles as he carries a metal yard waste bucket at The Carroll Center for the Blind.
While seated in a sailboat, a volunteer helps a young woman who is visually impaired with her life jacket.
Two male volunteers smile together as they take a break from administrative work on computers at the Carroll Center for the Blind.
14 female high school volunteers pose together wearing matching blue shirts at the Walk for INDEPENDENCE.
A volunteer from Point 32 Health wearing a purple company shirt empties a wheelbarrow filled with dirt in front of a gazebo at the Carroll Center for the Blind.