Carroll Interns

The Carroll Interns program provides vital experience to graduate-level students studying in the field of vision education and allied professions. Carroll Interns provides key training and assists with the placement of vision educators whose ranks have declined even as the population of individuals who are blind or have low vision increases. Participants are equipped with the essential experience and knowledge to prepare them for community-based services. Interns will have access to the expertise of over 45 vision rehabilitation professionals employed by the Carroll Center, and will be supervised by staff based on their chosen areas of training. As part of the Carroll Interns program, the Carroll Center for the Blind offers college students the opportunity to participate in community and campus-based internships with our certified staff.

Internships are available for the following professionals:

  • Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments (TVIs)
  • Orientation and Mobility Instructors (COMS)
  • Vision Rehabilitation Teachers (VRT)
  • Social Worker

Florida State O&M Intern

“I have learned so much during the course of my internship at The Carroll Center for the Blind. I feel I have greatly expanded my knowledge base by working with this set of clients with different age levels, as well as getting the opportunity to work with students with such diverse additional disabilities. I would recommend to anyone striving for a diverse internship and learning experience to highly consider interning with The Carroll Center for the Blind.”

Stipends are available for participation and limited housing options are available. For more information, contact Stephanie Chmielinski

To read more about the creation of the Carroll Interns program, click here.