Carroll Society Award Winners – 2022

The Carroll Center for the Blind and the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind recognize outstanding employees who are visually impaired through the annual Carroll Society Awards Ceremony. These Awards recognize blind and visually impaired employees who have made significant contributions to their companies by their outstanding ability and job performance.

Individuals are chosen because, despite vision loss, they are exemplary employees and contribute to the overall culture of both their business and community. Despite the employment barriers people with disabilities face, inductees have proven their commitment to making a difference by serving as both leaders and examples for others. Each new Carroll Society inductee demonstrates the passion, professionalism, and excellence to change the perception of what it means to be blind in the workplace.

Collage of the 2022 Carroll Society Award Winners; Nora Nagle, Muna Abraham, Brian Switzer, Karen Hegarty, Jennifer Ross. Text reads, "The Carroll Society Awards." Beneath the text is the Carroll Center for the Blind and Massachusetts Commission for the Blind logos.

Blind Employee of the Year Award Recipient:

Carroll Society Inductees:

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

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