Wellesley Teen Finds Inspiration To Graduate After Losing Vision Senior Year


WELLESLEY (CBS) – There’s no doubt in Harry Clark’s mind that he would walk across the stage and graduate with his class at Wellesley High School. What he didn’t know is that he would be doing it blind.

“It was an amazing experience. I felt like I did it. And I made it, I mean who would’ve thought,” Clark said smiling.

Harry was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor when he was just five years old. While the tumor impacted his vision some he could still see. Then last Thanksgiving while on a family trip to New York, he lost his vision completely.

“I get to New York and I can’t even get out of the car let alone get in the house because I can’t see anything,” Clark said.

His parents rushed him to the hospital. “Honestly, it was like that worst nightmare happening. Just praying so hard for so long to save his vision,” his mother, Eunice Groark said.

Despite being blind, Harry still finished his high school career, graduating with honors, receiving numerous awards and maintaining a positive attitude. “You have to keep your head up and not stop believing,” Clark said.

It’s been nearly seven months since Harry lost all of his vision. He’s had to relearn how to do everything including reading, writing, even something as simple as getting a glass of water. “I’m really trying to embrace it and take it head on,” Clark said.

The family has set up a Cranio Warrior fund to help other kids and find a cure. Mom and dad say they draw inspiration from him. “He taught me the importance of perseverance and resilience,” Groark said.

Although he can no longer see, Harry still has quite a vision. After a gap year at the Carroll Center for the Blind, he will attend Providence College. “My goal is to give back and help others. I want to become a child psychologist in a hospital setting so I can give back,” Clark said.

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