Walking the Talk: How Businesses Can Help Build Strong Communities


Being a force for good in the world is more important than ever. The challenges our communities face are mounting quickly— including education, jobs, poverty, health, climate, public safety, and energy. But if we look again with a fresh perspective, behind these challenges lie opportunities for us to learn, adapt, and tackle these problems together.

The silhouettes of many people gathered on a beach. The sun shines on the horizon just over their outlines.Over the past few decades we have seen a monumental shift in employee activism and an increasing expectation for businesses to help create positive social change that helps address everything from the needs of neighborhood schools to large-scale global initiatives. In this new age of work, it is no longer sufficient for businesses to view their role solely through the performance of their bottom line – businesses that do well, will do good.

To truly bring about meaningful change it must be authentic to the business and its employees. The transformation facing corporate America is undeniable, but organizations can use their talent as a competitive advantage by providing a heightened sense of purpose through philanthropic efforts and volunteerism. For instance, America’s Charities Snapshot Employee Research found that 71 percent of employees say it is very important to work for an organization whose culture is supportive of giving and volunteering.

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