A woman explores the built-in magnifier on an iPad at the Carroll Center's assistive device lab.

Assistive Technology Device Lab to Empower Individuals with Vision Loss

BY THE CARROLL CENTER FOR THE BLIND (VIA NEWTON PATCH) Through a partnership with the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association, The Carroll Center for the Blind recently launched an assistive technology device lab to help individuals with vision loss to better understand and learn how to effectively use various devices that have the power to help them retain [...]

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Three people pose outside the recording studio at XLO Radio. From left to right; Greg Donnelly, Vicki Greene and Jennifer Harnish.

Visually Impaired Ready for the Job: Community Conversations on WXLO 104.5 FM

Vicki Greene of WXLO 104.5 FM recently invited the Carroll Center for the Blind to join her in the studio to discuss employment on her Community Conversations segment. Each week, Greene has a 30-minute conversation where guests tell the story behind the story. Gregory J. Donnelly, President & CEO, Carroll Center for the Blind and Jennifer Harnish, [...]

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Comcast Newsmakers host, Jenny Johnson, sits across from Carroll Center for the Blind President and CEO, Greg Donnelly.

Comcast Newsmakers: Accessibility and the Vision Impaired

HOSTED BY JENNY JOHNSON (VIA COMCAST NEWSMAKERS) The Carroll Center for the Blind provides programs that empower people of all ages and all stages of vision loss to live full and independent lives. President and CEO, Greg Donnelly talks with Comcast Newsmaker host, Jenny Johnson, about the Carroll Center for the Blind's programs. View the [...]

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Standing in front of a red-carpet style backdrop, top scorer in the “Sophomore” category, Artenisa Osmani, smiles.

Winners Announced: 20th Annual New England Regional Braille Challenge

The 20th Annual New England Regional Braille Challenge is officially a wrap! This competition, a national program of the Braille Institute, encourages blind and visually impaired children to hone their braille skills which are essential to success in the sighted world. Regional winners could be eligible to go on to the Braille Challenge finals in Los Angeles [...]

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A graphic depicting the Braille alphabet.

We Must Continue to Invest in Braille

BY GREGORY J. DONNELLY (VIA COMMONWEALTH MAGAZINE)   Only 1 in 5 visually impaired school children read using Braille. IN A WORLD where technology is rapidly opening new doors for people with vision loss, most notably in the case of the smartphone and its applications that greatly aid navigation, shopping, and other activities, one might think [...]

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Arlene Anderson, center, now legally blind, receives recognition after completing a class at the Carroll Center for the Blind in Newton.

For the Blind in Massachusetts, a High-Tech Boost

BY JILL GAMBON (VIA AARP MASSACHUSETTS) Arlene Anderson, 81, was born nearsighted and always wore glasses. Over time her sight deteriorated, and she gave up driving 20 years ago. Now legally blind, Anderson faces many challenges in accomplishing routine tasks such as preparing meals and getting dressed. In 2018, she enrolled in a class on essential [...]

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From left to right; Gregory J. Donnelly, President and CEO of the Carroll Center for the Blind; Maura Mazzocca, Personal Management Instructor at the Carroll Center for the Blind; Alex Iliades, Owner of Farm Grill & Rotisserie.

‘Blind Tasting to Benefit’ event held to support The Carroll Center for the Blind

VIA THE NEWTON TAB The “Blind Tasting to Benefit” fundraiser to support The Carroll Center for the Blind, 770 Centre St. in Newton, was held Oct. 27 at the Farm Grill and Rotisserie, located at 40 Needham St. in Newton, a unique multi-sensory experience to taste, touch and smell the aromas of authentic Greek cuisine. [...]

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Bob McGillivray and Kerry MacDonald, sit in front of an audience at a South Shore Collaborative Low Vision Support Group session. They each hold microphones with the TIC Network logo on them.

Carroll Center’s Robert McGillivray Featured Speaker at South Shore Collaborative Low Vision Support Group

BY ROBERT MCGILLIVRAY (VIA TICNETWORK) If you or a loved one have recently been diagnosed with an eye condition, joining a support group may be the most important thing you will ever do. The Marshfield Council on Aging, Duxbury Senior Center, Kingston Council on Aging, the Plymouth Center for Active Living, and the Talking Information [...]

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A collage of five photos; many contain various assistive technology devices that were donated.

Authentic Inclusion: Assistive Technology to Transform the Lives of Low Vision & Blind People Islandwide

BY ANTIGUA COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY (VIA ACT BLOG) In a study by WHO, about 15% of the world’s population lives with some form of a disability. The estimated number of visually impaired people in the world is 285 million, 39 million blind and 246 million with low vision; 65 % of visually impaired people and 82% of all those who are blind are 50 [...]

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Two diners wear occluders (blindfolds) at the Farm Grill's blind food and wine tasting to benefit the carroll center. A man explores his surroundings while seated at a table.

Blind Food & Wine Tasting to Benefit the Carroll Center for the Blind

"Dining in the Dark" provided diners a deeper undestand of vision loss at Farm Grill & Rotisserie's first-ever Blind Tasting to Benefit the Carroll Center for the Blind. FILMED BY ETHAN PLOTKIN (VIA NEWTV) On Sunday, October 27th, local-area food lovers and members of the community joined us at Farm Grill & Rotisserie's first-ever blind wine [...]

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