Jan Pecorari, Executive Assistant to the President, talks on a corded phone while typing on the Perkins Brailler on her desk.

WBZ Cares Selects Carroll Center for the Blind as Featured Non-profit

Each month, Doug Cope and WBZ NewsRadio 1030 select an organization to profile through its public service initiative, WBZ Cares. We're thrilled to announce that WBZ NewsRadio has selected the Carroll Center for the Blind as the WBZ Cares featured non-profit during March. Tune in and listen every Wednesday throughout the month as they highlight [...]

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Standing in front of a red-carpet style backdrop, top scorer in the “Sophomore” category, Artenisa Osmani, smiles.

19th Annual New England Regional Braille Challenge Winners

The 19th Annual New England Regional Braille Challenge is officially a wrap! This competition, a national program of the Braille Institute, encourages blind and visually impaired children to hone their braille skills which are essential to success in the sighted world. Regional winners could be eligible to go on to the Braille Challenge finals in Los Angeles [...]

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Deon Lyons stands on a bridge over a small river holding his cane. Hand over hand on top of his cane, he rests his chin on top of it while deep in thought.

The Maine Trust Project – Installment 8: Deon Lyons of Clinton

Deon Lyons lost his left eye when he was just 5 months old to retinoblastoma, a rare form of retinal cancer. Radiation used to treat his right eye when he was a child cost Lyons his sight, starting in 2010, and a series of strokes left him completely blind by 2016. Now, he’s battling cancer [...]

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A square is divided into four sections containing icons. Clockwise from top left; a handicap person in a wheelchair, hands signing in ASL, a Braille cell, a person walking with a cane.

Disabled Not Making Gains They Should

THE SIGNS BROADCAST from storefronts: HELP WANTED.  The federal government says we have achieved “full employment,” that there are currently more jobs than people.  The news media reports on particular segments of the economy where a shortage of workers is threatening price stability and further economic growth. These should be banner days for those in […]

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Brian Charlson

How Being Blinded in an Accident Made Brian Charlson’s Life Better

Brian Charlson’s life changed forever on an afternoon long ago when he was alone in his family’s kitchen. Like many 11-year-old boys, he enjoyed experimenting with stuff. So he poured baking soda and vinegar into a glass bottle, screwed on the cap, and was ready to throw it into the blueberry bushes outside when it […]

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New technology improving public transportation for the blind

New Technology Would Improve Ways the Blind Navigate Public Transportation

  Living with retinitis pigmentosa (RP), an inherited disease of the retina, the 63-year-old said, “I’ve been losing vision all my life,” and became legally blind at age 37. He depends on the bus to take him from his home in Needham to his job at Newton’s Carroll Center for the Blind on Centre Street. […]

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Margarat Baba Diri

After Losing Her Sight, Legislator Works to Open Center for The Blind in Uganda

Margaret Baba Diri is scrolling through her iPhone, even if it doesn’t seem that way at first. The screen is dark, and she holds it at her chest, her finger swiping through the pages as an automated voice calls out the names of her apps until she lands on the one she wants. She is […]

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Deloitte‘s Impact Day 2018

On “Impact Day” 2018, Deloitte Delights

June 8th marked Deloitte‘s Impact Day 2018. Nationwide, professionals from the Deloitte team went out into the community, including coming here to the Carroll Center for the Blind, to demonstrate what it means to make real change at places that matter to them. This is the 5th year in a row that they’ve included us in […]

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Pathway to Independence logo

Carroll Center for the Blind Seeks to Ease Nationwide Shortage of Vision Educators

The Gibney Family Foundation to Provide Funding for Internship Program NEWTON, Mass. (May 21, 2018) – The Carroll Center for the Blind today announced the launch of the Carroll Interns program, a new initiative designed to provide vital experience to graduate-level students studying in the field of vision education and allied professions.  The program is […]

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The Carroll Center for the Blind logo

En Garde! The Blind Fence Fearlessly

Produced, shot and edited by Aynsley Floyd Fencing? For individuals who are blind? Yes. It’s one of many unique features of the rehabilitation program at the Carroll Center for the Blind. Fencing for the blind and visually impaired person is more than a sport – it’s helpful off the strip too. Fencing helps in learning […]

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