Always losing your lucky socks?


We’ve all lost things before. It’s the worst feeling.

Keys, wallets, phones—maybe even a pair of your lucky socks—there’s no shortage of things to misplace.

Nothing is more distressful when we can’t find our favorite communication devices. Because many of us rely on our phones, tablets and computers for daily life functions, a profound sense of disconnect can set in when you can’t find them; even if it’s for just a few minutes.

A set of item locators: a pager with three color-coded buttons and three individual receivers (green, blue and red).

For a Carroll Store customer with low vision who kept losing her iPad, something that she relied on for everything from calendaring to social media, we recommended a simple and easy budget-friendly fix. A set of color-coded, audible Item Locators.

With just the click of a button from a handheld pager the color-coded receiver affixed to your favorite device emits a constant beep until it’s recovered.

Problem solved? Not quite. During a brief demonstration our Carroll Store staff member noticed that not only would the Item Locator receiver not stick to the material of her iPad case, but she also wouldn’t be able to open the case fully if it was attached permanently. Using re-purposed Velcro from bump dots laying around the store, we quickly rigged up a simple solution so that she could remove the Item Locator receiver whenever her iPad was being used. No more lost iPad!