Item Locators



Help keep track of those items that are misplaced. Attach the color coded receiver to an item using either a key chain ring or sticky tape (included). Press the corresponding button on the transmitter pager and the receiver will emit a high pitched beeping pattern. Receivers measures 2 2″ x 1″ x 4″. ┬áSet contains 3 receivers and 1 key ringed transmitter/pager.


Operation is simple. Each set includes one color-coded pager and three receivers (Red, Green, Blue). Attach a receiver to your item with double sided adhesive sticker (included). Turn on the receiver so that it is ready to beep when paged. Locate the misplaced objects with just the press of a colored button on the pager/transmitter. Once needed you can page any commonly misplaced objects such as keys, remote controls, etc. As you go from room to room and press the color coded button odds are you will hear the beeping of the item for which you seek.