Wooden Book Stand




The Wooden Book Stand promotes correct reading posture which reduces neck and back strain. The Wooden Book Stand allows users to read for longer periods of time with greater comfort and enjoyment. The stand accommodates many sizes of books and magazines. This handy stand is great for a variety of hobbies or for work. Use it for reading in bed, when eating, when traveling, to hold copy at your computer or for holding cookbooks while in the kitchen. It also can be used for a study aid, a music stand, reading while feeding the baby, holding knitting instructions, displaying books, photos and pictures, a hands-free aid for those with hand or arm mobility impairments and so much more. Adjust the stand to sit in one of three angles for your greatest reading comfort. Features two wooden guides that pivot up to hold the pages of the book open and which each can hold a width of nearly 1-1/4.