Magnifier Lease Program



Magnifier Lease Program

Not ready to buy a video magnifier?

The Carroll Store has many leasing options on a wide-variety of desktop and portable video magnifiers. 

An electronic desktop magnifier consists of a camera that is mounted on a frame or arm that displays a magnified image on a monitor. The primary benefits of these magnifiers are that they can enlarge or magnify print, pictures, artwork, or whatever else is placed under the camera; in addition, it can also enhance the contrast and brighten the image on the monitor.

This leasing program is appropriate for children, adults and seniors. Individuals may lease these machines with no monthly minimum!  The lease program is ideal for people who are either considering the purchase of a machine or those who need the equipment only for a short period of time. Monthly rental prices for certain video magnifiers start as low as $24.99 per month.

For more information about the lease program and the latest inventory, call (617) 969-6200.