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Knork  integrates a fork with the cutting ability of a knife. There are no sharp edges or serrations, just a few slight modifications to the fork that makes this product completely functional! The KNORK  enables a user to both cut and spear food using only one utensil ‚  and one hand. This is a great tool for arthritic hands ‚  young and old alike! The head of the KNORK  features four tines ‚  two inner tines shaped like those on a standard dinner fork, and two ingeniously designed outer tines which are both broader and more curved (or flared) than a standard fork. The edge of each outer tine is beveled. Although not sharp to the touch, it is this distinctive beveled-and-curved edge that facilitates cutting. Because both edges are beveled, this utensil is suitable for both right and left handed users. The KNORK‚  smooth, contoured handle fits comfortably in either hand. Perfectly balanced, the handle provides added leverage when using the utensil as a knife, and greater stability when using it as a fork. The “finger platform” (between the head and handle) enables a user to apply the necessary cutting pressure without discomfort. While holding the KNORK  on edge and rocking its head back and forth (much like the action of a rocking chair), a user can easily cut through a variety of foods ‚  pizza and pastas, vegetables, fruits and desserts, meats and fish, even steak ‚  using only one hand.

Note: Due to federal and state food, health, and safety laws, this item cannot be returned once opened.