BlindShell 2




Communication with no limits!

The New Generation of our BlindShell Classic provides unique hardware, a tactile keypad, voice control, and a loudspeaker, creating the perfect phone for the visually impaired. Now with WhatsApp, the BlindShell app catalog with many optional features, an internet browser, and assistive tools such as a screen reader and NFC object tagging. Full of fun and valuable functions yet still simple to use!

The box contains a Mobile phone, battery, USB-C wall charger, USB-C cable, earphones, lanyard, charging cradle, and 3 NFC tags.



New, improved, and very loud speaker! These are the strengths of the BlindShell Classic 2. So don’t worry about not hearing your phone.

Tactile Keypad

BlindShell Classic 2 has a keypad with large, tactile buttons for comfortable phone control. They are designed specifically for blind people.

Long life 3000 mAh battery

Large capacity battery with up to 96 hours of battery life. Higher comfort for using your phone.

13 MPx Camera

Save your memories with BlindShell Camera with 13 MPx. Take photos, view and zoom them or share them with your dear ones.

USB-C Cable

USB-C cable for comfortable charging. The reversible connector fits easily to the phone. Smooth and easy way how to charge your phone.

Top Features

Voice Control

Control your BlindShell phone just with your voice and simple commands. Voice control works online and offline for the most frequent languages. 

BlindShell Screen Reader

BlindShell screen reader allows you to navigate around in standard Android apps.

BlindShell App Catalog

Do you need more applications? You can visit the BlindShell app catalog and choose which you want to use. Then, customize your list of apps.

Web Browser

You can check the news, search for new information, browse websites, and use services accessible to the visually impaired.

Single-button Access to your Favorite Apps

The easiest way to access your favorite apps. Just press the button and save your time.


Our new Blind Shell Phone is eligible for free monthly cell service for those whose household is eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program (if the household income is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines).