How A Textile Factory Empowers Its All-Blind Work Crew

The average sighted person can’t fathom how difficult it is to be blind. How tough it is to get around, meet people, or find work. Among this population, the unemployment rate is a startling 70 percent. That’s a striking number and some indicator of how much vision affects our lives.

The Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind is making an effort to combat this situation. The outcome of a vocational rehabilitation services program started in 1920, The Dallas Lighthouse is committed to removing obstacles that prevent people with disabilities from being employed and living independently. Now, blind and visually impaired people in North Texas can find employment in their factory, which produces textiles, markers, vinyl, and plastics.

It might be surprising that the work is being done in a factory filled with heavy machinery, but every part of the manufacturing process is fitted with modified machines designed for the blind and visually impaired, allowing them to excel at their jobs. And, these jobs enable these people to increase their quality of life and independence, which is something everyone wants for themselves.

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