Three Different Carroll Center Alumni Selected As Finalists For 2019 Holman Prize

Congratulations to all of the 2019 Holman Prize finalists! This ambitious group of blind and visually impaired individuals from around the world each have unique ideas for empowering themselves and others.

We are excited to announce that three different Carroll Center for the Blind alumni—Trevor Attenberg, Pauline Dowell and Mona Minkara—all were chosen to be a part of this select group of finalists. These determined finalists hope to make a real difference on the way blindness and visual impairment is perceived globally.

Check out each of their submissions below:

Trevor Attenberg

Trevor loves science and the outdoors. With the Holman Prize, he would travel and teach blind people to identify birds by sound and explore other natural soundscapes.


Pauline Dowell

Pauline and her guide dog live on a sailboat on the Boston Harbor. She would use the Holman Prize to form an all-female crew of blind sailors to compete in the 2020 Newport to Bermuda Race.

Note: Originally, Pauline was going to complete in the Marblehead to Halifax Race. Since this will will not take place again until 2021, she has changed it to the more difficult Newport to Bermuda Race.

Mona Minkara

Mona is working on postdoctoral research in computational chemistry. With the Holman Prize, she would film a documentary series called Planes, Trains and Canes, where she would navigate and access the public transportation systems of five cities around the world.