Online Learning and Tutorials

As a leader in the rehabilitation and education of persons who are blind, we are happy to share instructional materials to those who can’t partake in our services. The videos and courses below on various topics are available to educate professionals, families, friends and consumers. Click on the links below to explore our current course offerings.


Free Patients and Families Online Diabetes Course

The Carroll Center for the Blind offers a comprehensive free online course to help patients and families understand diabetes and vision loss. Please take Diabetes and Visual Impairment: A New View for Patients and Families today!

Read some helpful articles written by Margaret Cleary, the instructor for all our Diabetes courses »


Video Tutorials

The following videos were developed to help you better understand the technology and techniques used by the blind and vision impaired. All videos are available on our YouTube Channel with subtitles.


Apple Product Video Tutorials


Orientation and Mobility Tutorial

The Let’s Walk Together video details safe guiding techniques for individuals with intellectual disability and vision loss.