Technology Fair Presentations

Be My AI, Nick Corbett and David Kingsbury

Learn to extract information from images with the new Be My Eyes app feature called “Be My AI”. From submitting pictures for interpretation and asking follow-up questions such as recognizing landmarks while traveling, identifying the layout and options on an appliance control panel, putting together outfits, and troubleshooting computer challenges, Nick and David will guide you through real-world applications for using AI.

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Three Apps for Built Environment Navigation, Nick Corbett

Join Nick as he touches upon how OKO, Magnifier, and Seeing AI are helping people access crosswalk signals, detect doors, measure proximity to people, read text, and navigate around objects using lidar enabled haptics.

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Smart Apps in the Kitchen, Sheila Carney, Kritika Singh

Experience the apps that will make your kitchen more accessible to you! Apps like Seeing AI, Tap Tap See, and Be My Eyes will be demonstrated to identify food products, read recipes, follow cooking directions, find expiration dates, and more. Also see a demonstration of Amazon Echo Show, and its popular feature of show and tell. You can even ask Alexa for help with recipes and cooking questions.

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