Eschenbach Haven Sunwear




Eschenbach Haven Sunwear are premium, polarized glasses specifically designed to fit-over reading glasses or prescription frames in a style you can call your own. They feature a convenient fit-over style or sleek, wrap-around lens that provides an unobstructed panoramic view – maximizing your peripheral vision and scenic view wherever you are. These absorptive filtered lenses block 100% of UVA/UVB light and are polarized so they prevent reflective glare from causing eye discomfort.

Eschenbach Haven Sunwear glasses are available in 3 tints: gray, amber and yellow–all of which are polarized. The lightweight nylon frames feature adjustable Bend-to-Fit temples that can be bent into a wide range of positions to fit most any head size.  Each pair comes with a soft, black pouch that acts as a protective carrying case as well as a cleaning cloth.