A surprisingly simple technology is helping these blind Eagle Scouts — and hundreds like them — ‘see’ through other people’s eyes

As Nick Cantos slid on a sleek pair of glasses, a voice spoke out to him through his iPhone.

“I see the George Mason statue,” a woman’s voice said. “It looks like a bronze statue, standing tall, with a scroll in his left hand.”

Nearby, Nick’s brothers, Leo and Steven, were also busy putting on their glasses, making adjustments here and there.

The three of them, aged 18, are triplets from Arlington, Va., who are completely blind. And the glasses they have on are no ordinary spectacles. They are glasses from Aira, a San Diego-based company that has developed smart glasses to help the blind and visually impaired with everyday tasks. The glasses are equipped with a camera, which feeds a video stream to a remote agent who then narrates what they see in real time over the phone for the user.

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