Jeff Harris

Jeff sitting and talking with a Carroll Center client at the table

Jeff, who is legally blind because of retinopathy of prematurity, first started to receive services from the Carroll Center in 2008 after developing secondary glaucoma in his only sighted eye. He needed orientation and mobility training and worked with a Carroll Center instructor to better navigate his neighborhood and office locations. As his vision loss progressed, the Carroll Center provided Jeff with a CCTV that enlarged text and improved contrast, helping him to read reports to continue his work as an administrator in the Boston Public Schools. Jeff became totally blind in 2014 and was frustrated because he couldn’t use the technology at work anymore. Thankfully, the Carroll Center continued to help Jeff, providing training over the next six years prior to his retirement in 2020. Today, Jeff enrolls in technology training at the center as needed and when beneficial technological enhancements emerge.

Jeff has graciously included the Carroll Center as a beneficiary in his will and retirement plan. “I give to the Carroll Center because they do a wonderful job with technology instruction and help adults with all aspects of vision loss, including individuals like me.” Jeff’s generosity makes him a member of the White Cane Legacy Circle that recognizes donors who have included the Carroll Center in their estate plans. In addition to supporting the Center financially, Jeff serves as a volunteer supporting current Carroll Center clients who are placed in internships where he lives at Lasell Village, an Independent Living community in Newton.