Gary is pictured walking with his white cane on the sidewalk near his home.

One of the critical programs offered at the Carroll Center is Orientation and Mobility instruction that helps our clients navigate their surroundings. Orientation and Mobility training can take place in the home, at work, in the community, on public transportation, or wherever there are travel concerns. 

Gary, an April 2022 graduate of the Essential Skills Program, began experiencing vision loss from advanced glaucoma when he was 35 years old. The slow deterioration in his vision was terrifying for the once independent and outgoing 71-year-old.  Before Gary arrived at the Carroll Center, his biggest challenge was Orientation and Mobility. He spent four weeks at the Center working on walking with a cane, going down the stairs, and learning how to navigate his surroundings. Gary can now walk independently, which is something his wife greatly appreciates since they enjoy taking walks together.  By supporting the Carroll Center for the Blind, you empower individuals like Gary.