A hand rests on a sheet of braille.

How to Fix Higher Ed’s Accessibility Problem

BY CAITLIN R. WEINER (VIA MODUS) If a college education should be available to all, higher ed websites should be accessible to everyone. An Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuit was recently issued to 50 colleges and universities by a blind prospective student who felt the schools’ websites were not accessible. Not just tiny schools, either — big [...]

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From left to right; Gregory J. Donnelly, President and CEO of the Carroll Center for the Blind; Maura Mazzocca, Personal Management Instructor at the Carroll Center for the Blind; Alex Iliades, Owner of Farm Grill & Rotisserie.

‘Blind Tasting to Benefit’ event held to support The Carroll Center for the Blind

VIA THE NEWTON TAB The “Blind Tasting to Benefit” fundraiser to support The Carroll Center for the Blind, 770 Centre St. in Newton, was held Oct. 27 at the Farm Grill and Rotisserie, located at 40 Needham St. in Newton, a unique multi-sensory experience to taste, touch and smell the aromas of authentic Greek cuisine. [...]

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Bob McGillivray and Kerry MacDonald, sit in front of an audience at a South Shore Collaborative Low Vision Support Group session. They each hold microphones with the TIC Network logo on them.

Carroll Center’s Robert McGillivray Featured Speaker at South Shore Collaborative Low Vision Support Group

BY ROBERT MCGILLIVRAY (VIA TICNETWORK) If you or a loved one have recently been diagnosed with an eye condition, joining a support group may be the most important thing you will ever do. The Marshfield Council on Aging, Duxbury Senior Center, Kingston Council on Aging, the Plymouth Center for Active Living, and the Talking Information [...]

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A collage of five photos; many contain various assistive technology devices that were donated.

Authentic Inclusion: Assistive Technology to Transform the Lives of Low Vision & Blind People Islandwide

BY ANTIGUA COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY (VIA ACT BLOG) In a study by WHO, about 15% of the world’s population lives with some form of a disability. The estimated number of visually impaired people in the world is 285 million, 39 million blind and 246 million with low vision; 65 % of visually impaired people and 82% of all those who are blind are 50 [...]

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Two diners wear occluders (blindfolds) at the Farm Grill's blind food and wine tasting to benefit the carroll center. A man explores his surroundings while seated at a table.

Blind Food & Wine Tasting to Benefit the Carroll Center for the Blind

"Dining in the Dark" provided diners a deeper undestand of vision loss at Farm Grill & Rotisserie's first-ever Blind Tasting to Benefit the Carroll Center for the Blind. FILMED BY ETHAN PLOTKIN (VIA NEWTV) On Sunday, October 27th, local-area food lovers and members of the community joined us at Farm Grill & Rotisserie's first-ever blind wine [...]

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Pauline Dowell steers a sailboat.

‘A whole new world of freedom’: Sailors with Disabilities Compete at an Elite Level

On the water, it's a level playing field for sailors of all abilities to compete. BY WILL LINENDOLL (VIA GOOD MORNING AMERICA) Pauline Dowell may never be able to drive a car, but she can sail a boat around the world. Pauline Dowell. a sailor who is visually impaired, competes in competitions around the world. [...]

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A man reads a braille sheet.

Fostering Independence in Students with Visual Impairments

Educators can leverage sophisticated advancements in technology to help students with visual impairments develop new skills. BY CHARLES F.D. WARREN (VIA eSCHOOL NEWS) Technological innovation provides students with visual impairments new tools to support independent living. The significant rise in the sophistication and popularity of smartphones and tablets creates opportunities to enhance learning and increase [...]

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Host of "Cape Conversations," Melinda Gallant, laughs while discussing vision related services with Dina Rosenbaum of the Carroll Center for the Blind.

Cape Conversations: Empowering People with Vision Loss

If you're dealing with vision loss, there are many resources available to you. We joined Melissa Gallant of Sandwich Community Television's Cape Conversations to chat about what you can do. BY SANDWICH COMMUNITY TELEVISION Vision loss can be challenging. But there are many resources available that can help including services provided by the Carroll Center [...]

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A young woman who is visually impaired uses a refreshable braille display to access the web on her laptop.

Researchers Are Making Memes Accessible to the Blind

Everyone loves a good meme. If you're blind or visually impaired though, most internet memes are not accessible. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are trying to change that. BY CHRIS STOKEL-WALKER (VIA ONEZERO) For the 1 million Americans who are legally blind, an increasingly large part of the internet is cut off to them. A young [...]

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Katherine Kern, whose sailing origins began with the SailBlind program, smiles on a dock in front of a row of sailboats.

‘To feel the wind’: Blind sailors take the helm in Boston Harbor

Limits were made for breaking – just ask sailors with vision loss. “There is a stereotype that if you’re blind, you can’t do anything,” says Katherine Kern, who has raced in world championships. BY NOAH ROBERTSON (VIA THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR) Katherine Kern, who first learned to sail in the SailBlind program, smiles on a [...]

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