Youth Learning Day Program

Program Dates: July 20, 2020 to August 14, 2020

Time: 10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M., Monday through Friday

The Youth Learning Day Program is a summer day program designed to provide teens, ages 14 to 21, an opportunity to develop life skills for success in high school, college and work. Increase your independent travel skills, do your laundry, cook your favorite foods, improve your computer skills, engage with your peers, be a leader and self-advocate. College-bound students will work on their note-taking skills, ability to access books, and advocate for services. Those who want to find a job will learn methods to identify and apply for jobs in their community. Enjoy campus-based activities to build confidence, apply independent skills, and socialize.


Topics May Include:

  • Independence in the kitchen; preparing meals and snacks.
  • Organizing your environment through audio and tactile methods.
  • Money management and budgeting.
  • Doing your own laundry and cleaning your home/school/work environment
  • Increased use of computers, tablets, smartphones, including use of common apps for independence.
  • Shopping in-person and remotely.
  • Managing your own health, staying healthy, engaging in exercise and recreation.
  • Orientation and mobility lessons.
  • Self-advocacy and effective communication and problem solving.
  • Developing and maintaining peer relationships.
  • College readiness.
  • Finding your first job.



Students, ages 14 to 21, who can commute to campus daily (Physician permission to attend a group program required). Maximum number of students is 10. Students are encouraged to attend all 4 weeks, but less weeks will be considered. The Carroll Center is committed to support student’s attendance in the program through support of transportation.



Please contact your VR counselor or school administrator for funding options.

If you are interested in attending the Youth Learning Day Program, our admissions team is ready to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us at (617) 969-6200, extension 216 or by email at

Out-of-state individuals who are registered with their local state blindness agency should make an inquiry to their case manager.

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