Zoom Instruction Short Course

Remote Zoom Instruction

Need a crash course on how to use Zoom Video Communications? This new three-hour Remote Zoom Instruction short course covers the basics of hosting meetings as well as participating in meetings convened by others. Using the Zoom Screen Share feature, our instructors will be right there with you (albeit virtually) during this fully hands-on training course. The only requirements to participate are that you have a computer with a microphone running the Windows 10 operating system along with JAWS or NVDA.

Specific topics and tasks covered during the course, include:

  • Participating in meetings
  • Zoom menu overview and changing important settings
  • Hosting, including scheduling meetings, preparing invitations, and managing participants
  • Other features, including sharing screens, chatting, raising hands and recording meetings
  • Using the iPhone Zoom app for joining and participating in meetings
  • Starting and ending meetings

At the end of the course, participants will receive a series of short recordings for future reference. Participants will also receive a free copy of Carroll Center staff member Heather Thomas’ book entitled “Getting Started with Zoom Meetings: A Guide for JAWS, NVDA, and iPhone VoiceOver Users” in Word and PDF format ($18 value). To sign-up for the remote Zoom Instruction short course, please email kathy.felt@carroll.org.