At A Glance Closet Organizers



These 12 plastic dividers help you dress faster and be more coordinated. They fit around the hanger rods to organize your closet (or your parents’ or children’s’) into any categories that make it easier and faster to find your clothes. You can use the 60 pre-indexed labels, with identifiers such as “sweaters”, “dress pants”, “dressy”, “jackets”, or write your own categories on the 3 extra labels. The dividers can also be identified using Brailled labeling tape. Each package comes with 60 pre-indexed wardrobe labels in English and Spanish and 12 dividers that fit any conventional rod. Each divider is 3.75″ H, 3″ W at the top, 3.25″ W at the bottom, with a hole that is 1.5″ in diameter.