Optimize Your College Success!

Optimize Your College Success – Virtual

Program Dates: Tuesdays, July 21 to August 18;  Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Time: 1:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M. (Eastern Time)

Optimize Your College Success is a 6-session remote series for current high school students or recent graduates, who want to learn the best strategies for achieving successful experiences and outcomes in the college setting. Participants will learn what is required to select and apply to college, learn skills for optimal academic success and independent living, review orientation and mobility needs and advocacy on a college campus, and be aware of adjusting socially to a college environment.


Topics May Include:

  • College application process; researching schools based on desirable qualities, completing necessary testing, gathering and submitting required documentation, and making a final selection of which school to attend based on major, school environment, location, financial plausibility, and other factors.
  • Working with a school’s disabilities services office; how to request reasonable accommodations, how to evaluate classes and potential barriers to accessibility before registration, and how to obtain required textbooks, class materials, and necessary technology before the start of the semester.
  • Managing classes; submitting assignments, testing accommodations, taking advantage of academic resource centers, staff office hours, and writing labs, and coordinating with tutors and study groups.
  • Student life; engaging with peers and social events, clubs, activities.
  • Living in the dorm; organizing your room, preparing snacks/meals in the dorm.
  • Traveling the campus.
  • Managing potential stress, anxiety, and depression while on a college campus.
  • Hearing from blind or visually impaired professionals who have recently completed their own higher-education programs.



Students, ages 16 or older, planning to attend, or already in college. Technology for use of the Zoom platform including a WiFi connection, camera and microphone (latter two can be built-in to device).

If you are interested in attending Optimize Your College Success!, our admissions team is ready to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us at (617) 969-6200, extension 216 or by email at kathy.felt@carroll.org.

Out-of-state individuals who are registered with their local state blindness agency should make an inquiry to their case manager.

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