Giant-Button Speaker Phone with Flashing Ringer

In addition to 10 two-touch speed dialing, 3 programmable one-touch speed dials, hold button, last number redial, this phone has two-way speaker phone functionality with volume control. It measures 8.50 × 5.75 inches and has 1 × 1.25 inch buttons with large bold numbers. This white, corded telephone is desk or wall mountable.


Price: $22.00

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Indoor/Outdoor Talking Thermometer

Check indoor and outdoor temperature with one button, in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The thermometer features volume control/shut-off switch. LCD visual display can show either indoor or outdoor temperature, alarm to signal if temperature goes above or below a set range. Operates on two AAA batteries


Price: $17.00

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Loud Volume Speaker Phone w/Talking Caller ID

This very affordable phone offers loud amplification through the handset, a speaker phone, and talking Caller ID.


  • Phone announces Caller ID for incoming calls and beeps for Call Waiting when in use
  • Loud ring (95 dB) with visual alert and 8 selectable melodies (but no traditional ring sound)
  • 25 number phone book
  • Three one-touch buttons
  • Large buttons
  • Program one pre-set number that you can dial by hitting the "speaker" button and any other button
  • Blue backlit large LCD Caller ID display
  • Caller ID has 90 name and number memory
  • New call indication
  • Wall mountable

Price: $33.00

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Master Lock Speed Dial Set Your Own Combination Lock

Convenient and easy to use, the Steel Speed Dial Combination Padlock unlocks with combinations of up, down, left and right directional movements. Security features include a metal body, anti-shim technology, and a hardened steel shackle.

  • Made of metal and hardened steel for increased security
  • 2 inch metal body can be opened 1-handed without looking for ease of use
  • Combination padlock
  • Patented technology is faster, easier, and more secure than a standard combination lock
  • Maximum security with anti-shim technology
  • Combination can be reset to any number of movements in any sequence
  • Matching pass code indicators (letters, numbers, colors, shapes, symbols) for added customization are included

Please note: First time setup requires sighted assistance. Thereafter, sighted assistance not needed.


Price: $12.00

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