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The Wilson Digital Voice Recorder

The Wilson Digital Voice Recorder

The Wilson™ is a digital voice recorder that is simple to use, inexpensive to purchase, and made from high-quality components. Its uses are practically endless: Have you ever received an address or phone number you want to remember? Have you awakened in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea? If so, you need The Wilson™. Use The Wilson™ to record and play shopping lists, reminders, to-do lists, notes, appointments, messages, lectures, directions, and audio instructions. Inexpensive, simple to use, and constructed from solid components. The Wilson™ is designed to be your recordable companion.

Product Features:
•Up to 12 hours of continuous recording time
•Download messages to your computer – USB cable included
•Will store multiple messages
•Volume control
•Clips to belts, visors, and purses
•Requires two (2) AAA batteries

Price: $42.35 USD

Placing your order

You can order this product online using our secure PayPal server (a PayPal account is not required). Just use the "Add to Cart" button above.

Alternatively, products may be ordered over the phone. Simply give us a call at 1-800-852-3131 extension 240 (or ask for The Store). We'll take down all the necessary information and get your order shipped to you promptly.

Unfortunately, we can only accept domestic orders online. If you need to have your product shipped overseas, please use the phone instructions above to place your order.

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