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iBill Talking Money Identifier-2nd Generation

IBill Talking Banknote Identifier


Rapid and immediate identification of paper money without having to depend on anyone


The ultra-high accuracy of the iBill provides peace of mind


The compact iBill goes everywhere – in the pocket, purse or clipped to the belt and with its long battery life and power-efficient design, is always ready for use


The iBill is THE most affordable banknote identifier

Enhanced Ease of Use: The new iBill now offers

Increased volume – making it easier to use in noisy places and for users with hearing difficulties
New option for privacy – An Earphone Jack provides an alternative to the vibration mode
A redesigned slot that makes it even easier to insert the bill, and recessed buttons prevent inadvertent activation when the unit is in a purse or pocket

Product Features

Extremely easy to use and ready at all times – identifies at the press of a button
Provides instantaneous response — most bills are identified in less than one second
Recognizes all US bills in circulation – $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100
Announces denomination in a clear female voice; tone and vibration modes protect privacy
An earphone jack provides additional privacy
Super-long battery life – over a year with typical use; single AAA battery is easily replaceable by the user
Attaches to a key-chain or lanyard; comes with an installed key-ring
Easily upgradable to recognize new banknote designs
Clearly indicates un-identifiable bills, e.g. torn or badly defaced ones – does not incorrectly identify them
Ergonomic, user-friendly design provides ultimate ease of use – has just two buttons, recessed to prevent inadvertent presses
Durable, heavy-duty plastic (polycarbonate)construction — suitable for everyday use
Supplied accessories Include installed battery, user manual in large print audio and digital soft-copy
One year warranty covering manufacturing defects

Price: $146.92 USD

Placing your order

You can order this product online using our secure PayPal server (a PayPal account is not required). Just use the "Add to Cart" button above.

Alternatively, products may be ordered over the phone. Simply give us a call at 1-800-852-3131 extension 240 (or ask for The Store). We'll take down all the necessary information and get your order shipped to you promptly.

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